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Choose From a Variety of Class formats

High Octane Music + Choreographed Moves = Exciting & electrifying Fun! Not only will you flaunt your moves and flex your muscles, you'll do it with your new BFFs who share the same passion, goals and enthusiasm. So whether you're looking to get your zen on, work up a sweat, HIIT it hard, or simply train better? We're here and ready for you! 

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Get to Know The New "Kids" on the Bellami Block

The Bellami Block of Classes include SHiNE Dance Fitness, HIGH Fitness, Upbeat Barre, Soul Body Barre & B'LISS. 


UpBeat Barre is muscular-endurance HIIT fusion of cardio, strength, pilates, and yoga. UPB uses popular music to create an accessible, sweaty, and balanced workout with varying levels of intensity.

—Our instructors use verbal, verbal visual, visual, and participatory cueing as they’re demonstrating each move WITH their participants.

—UpBeat Choreography typically has 3-5 moves per song, and recycles through each move so participants can nail form and safety.

—UpBeat’s mission is to provide accessible fitness for everyBODY—which creates a welcoming, supportive and energetic group fitness environment.


UpBeat Lift combines pure strength supersetswith progressive overload endurance training, isolating muscle groups, and working to failure to with heavy weights then working to build endurance with drop sets. UPL rocks popular tunes choreographed for and intense and accessible muscular strength workout. 

-UPL supersets are slow, controlled & simple.

-UPL builds strength with low reps & high weights.

-UPL isolates muscle groups with supersets. This maximizes the weight load for each muscle group.

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No one should go through life hating to workout! We want your workout to feel like a play date or escape with your besties! We keep things fun but still SHiNE is a killer workout. Our original choreography, rooted in traditional jazz, ballet and hip-hop, provides the perfect balance of cardio, toning, and strength components. Each routine is designed to get students out of their head and into their bodies by using the best and most current music out there! Start loving fitness today!

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SHiNE Dance Fitness has cracked the code to create a strength-training program that’s the perfect balance of effective & FUN! This is not a dance class, but each routine is choreographed to iconic music, & when safety isn’t compromised, you’re likely to find a booty shake or shimmy. 

UPLIFT starts with a cardio warm-up then transitions to standing routines with equipment, alternating between upper & lower body. A balance track is included after you’ve fatigued your muscles before transitioning to the mat. We complete the workout with routines for the core, booty, abs, and chest and a cool down with deep stretching. This UPLIFTING experience leaves you feeling strong and confident. 

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SoulBody Barre Unhitched brings that ‘Boutique Barre Experience’ to group exercise without a ballet barre! SoulBody Barre Unhitched delivers ALL of the same body-sculpting benefits but with a weighted bar, challenging balance and core stability with “centered” bar(re) work. It’s a mindfully-intense, total body workout!  Participants tune into their body by incorporating these characteristics into each session:

● Concentration on muscular movements

● Inner mental focus

● Attention to form and alignment creating strength as well as balance

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Big Energy Empowered Exercise or BE3 is our 2nd Bellami Exclusive Class!  BE3 is a fun fusion of high-energy old school cardio & calisthenics mixed with kickboxing and body weight training designed to help you power thru your busy day! Come check out this class & see what the Buzz is all about! 

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B'LISS is the brainchild of Bellami founder, Susanne Larkham. 'Bliss' is defined as complete happiness which is apt for this Low Intensity Steady State (LISS) cardio class which blends restorative stretching & mindful movement.  Designed to be accessible to ALL types of students whether you're new to fitness, focused on balance and flexibility, or want a great 'rest day' compliment to HIIT. B'LISS choreography incorporates the whole of your beautiful body as a celebration of music and movement.    

the OG of Dance & Group Fitness Classes



* 1 Class $20

* 10 Classes/$150

Want that look good, feel great confidence?  We’ve got you.

Our instructors are expertly trained to mix in new moves with hit music so classes are always different, keeping your workouts fresh and challenging. Ongoing training programs ensure that instructors master our method which fuses cardio, resistance training, Pilates, yoga, kickboxing and modern dance. Plus, we offer different formats for the variety you need to stay motivated and break through plateaus.
Please Note: Jazzercise is a Franchise and as such it is excluded from the Bellami BLUE & Bellami Block Class Packs. The J-MARK Button above will take you to for purchase. 

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