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High Octane Music + Choreographed Moves = Exciting & electrifying Fun! Not only will you flaunt your moves and flex your muscles, you'll do it with your new BFFs who share the same passion, goals and enthusiasm. So whether you're looking to get your zen on, work up a sweat, HIIT it hard, or simply train better? We're here and ready for you! 

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Get to Know The New "Kids" on the Bellami Block

The Bellami Block of Classes include SHiNE Dance Fitness, HIGH Fitness, STRONG by Zumba, POP Pilates & B'LISS. 

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No one should go through life hating to workout! We want your workout to feel like a play date or escape with your besties! We keep things fun but still SHiNE is a killer workout. Our original choreography, rooted in traditional jazz, ballet and hip-hop, provides the perfect balance of cardio, toning, and strength components. Each routine is designed to get students out of their head and into their bodies by using the best and most current music out there! Start loving fitness today!


STRONG by Zumba® combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio & plyometric training moves synced to original music that has been specifically designed to match every single move. Every squat, lunge, & burpee is driven by the music, helping you make it to that last rep & maybe even 5 more. You'll burn calories while toning arms, legs, abs & glutes. Plyometric or explosive moves like high knees, burpees & jumping jacks are interchanged with isometric moves like lunges, squats, and kickboxing. We change up the music & moves frequently to make sure you’re always challenged to the max.


HIGH Fitness has brought aerobics back in a hip and unique way, and the world is taking notice! The revival of this fitness trend has quickly become the hottest new workout across the US and Canada. Old School Aerobics made into a modern, heart pounding, fun and effective workout. Cardio and toning meets leg warmers with a side of air guitar. You will have an absolute blast and leave this class wanting more because it is so much fun!

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B'LISS is the brainchild of Bellami founder, Susanne Larkham. 'Bliss' is defined as complete happiness which is apt for this Low Intensity Steady State (LISS) cardio class which blends restorative stretching & mindful movement.  Designed to be accessible to ALL types of students whether you're new to fitness, focused on balance and flexibility, or want a great 'rest day' compliment to HIIT. B'LISS choreography incorporates the whole of your beautiful body as a celebration of music and movement.    

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“POP Pilates is where strength meets flexibility. Think highly-focused movements that leave your body toned & transformed. This isn't your average workout--It's a dance on the mat."


In a POP Pilates class, you'll experience a mix of modern, upbeat, & classical Pilates exercises all set to a heart-pumping playlist. Each Song track has a different focus, including Total Body Opener, Crazy Cardio, Butt Challenge, Hard Core, Flexibility & so much more! We mean it when we say no muscle is left untouched. Designed as an equipment-free class with a range of movement modifications, POP Pilates is for everybody. 

the OG of Dance & Group Fitness Classes



* 1 Class $20

* 10 Classes/$150

Want that look good, feel great confidence?  We’ve got you.

Our instructors are expertly trained to mix in new moves with hit music so classes are always different, keeping your workouts fresh and challenging. Ongoing training programs ensure that instructors master our method which fuses cardio, resistance training, Pilates, yoga, kickboxing and modern dance. Plus, we offer different formats for the variety you need to stay motivated and break through plateaus.
Please Note: Jazzercise is a Franchise and as such it is excluded from the Bellami BLUE & Bellami Block Class Packs. The J-MARK Button above will take you to for purchase. 

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Meditation Class

Gentle yoga is a variation of the hatha tradition of yoga. It was created to be accessible to all types of students, and to support their mental, physical, and spiritual needs. Gentle yoga seeks to provide therapeutic modifications to common yoga poses.

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Small Group & Personal Training 

We love working with our friends to help them see what their best workout looks like. We are ready to assist in defining tangible fitness goals by implementing positive behavioral changes. We are here to help build your confidence, to instill determination, to conquer your fears, and to show you that you are stronger than you thought.  We believe fitness is one of the best forms of therapy that can affect change in all walks of life. 

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