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The Bellami Best Practices for COVID-19 Social Fitnessing!!

Updated 4/16/21 5:00pm

Your continued good health and fitness experience has been our focus over during this coronavirus shut down and reopening.  We have deep cleaned and made many improvements including painting, refinished the floors, incorporated new equipment and set new procedures in place. 

Phase III reopening--Please take note of the updated practices in BOLD that we have implemented. We are continuing to follow and be in compliance with the state of NH and CDC guidelines for Fitness Studios and Group Exercise Classes. 

1)  Classes will be limited in number of attendees.  We are now allowing 17 for cardio based classes20 For Strength 45 & B'LISS. All Classes must be reserved in advance and records kept of who attended on what dates and times.

2)  Classes will be shorter in duration and spread out timewise to allow for recommended air exchange, surface & floor disinfection.

3)  We have confirmation that our AC Unit can be operated safely during class, however the ceiling fans and the stage fan should not. The Emergency Door will remain open during class (even with the HVAC on) to increase outside/fresh air exchange into the room. 

4) UPDATE: Now that it is Spring... We will be alternately Heating and/or Cooling the center to 65*. We will be Cracking the Door during class to allow for the inflow of fresh air, which most studies say is THE MOST important thing that we can do to help dilute the buildup of aerosols in the room. 


5) All frequent touch surfaces will be cleaned after every class. Bathroom surfaces also disinfected after every class. 

8)  The implementation of proper hand hygiene for staff & students: both before and after class we ask that you either wash your hands or disinfect with hand sanitizer provided in the vestibule or at the front desk.  

7)  We will not be offering childcare for the foreseeable future as there is no way to safely socially distance. I am open to suggestions of how to re-implement this in the future. 

8)  Items that could not be disinfected properly have been removed and/or replaced. 

9)   Phase III--We are still NOT using any SHARED equipment.  Starting Monday 4/12 Strength portions of DanceMx Classes will incorporate the use student's own equipment including weights, tubes, towels and mats at the instructor's discretion.  Planks & Push Ups, Burpees & Bear Crawls are also fine.  Just before the strength portion if your equipment is not close to you, mask up, gather your items and stay masked till you return to your spot.  

10) Use of your own weights and/or Tube during Strength 45 class is allowed. We ask that you either bring a towel to set the weights upon when not in use and that you set both your water bottle and the weights on your towel within your "bubble".  You are responsible to cleaning and disinfecting your own equipment. 

Arrival and Departure Protocol:

1) YOU MUST MAKE A RESERVATION FOR CLASS! If you show up without a reservation we are required to turn you away!! ( If you need help setting up your account or making reservations, call Susanne to walk you through it!) 

2) If you have ANY of the symptoms for COVID-19 or are simply feeling less than your best, we ask for your prudence and invite you to work out from home on our Live Streams. (This isn't an update ... just wanted to reinforce this! Thank you!!)

3) Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to your reserved class start time. If the door is not yet open, Please wait in your car until it is opened. 

4) We ask that you come dressed to dance, wear a mask as you enter the building and bring as little as possible with you. (Sneakers, car keys, towel, water bottle, pocketbook.)

5) Wash or Sanitize your hands upon arrival.

6) If you do not have a locker, please take a sanitized shoe bin to set your items in. The new chairs/stools are all placed at the required social distance.  Change your shoes briefly set your items in the bin and choose a marked spot on the floor. Once class is Ready to Start ... At that point you may take off your mask. 

7) We ask that you think of your spot on the floor like a hula-hoop or bubble and limit your side to side, diagonal & f/b movement. Your instructors will demonstrate the limited travel example in their teaching.  The marks are spaced approximately 8' apart. Please keep your water bottle near you to avoid coming less than 6' feet with your fellow student while not wearing masks. 

8) While we are a very vocal and social group. We will ask that verbal responses and in class chat are minimized. If we ask how you're doing ... Please respond with Smiles, Jazz Hands and/or Clapping. AND for my beloved Chatty-Cathy's... PLEASE!! Absolutely NO close side conversations during class!! Save it for outside in the Spring Fresh Air. 

9) The Water fountains will be off limits due to CDC universal code. If you need a water we will still have warm and cold waters. for $1. Preferable payment will be via VENMO or you may place a dollar in the jar. 

10) At the end of Class collect your items, don your mask, change your shoes, and depart in a socially distant/orderly fashion out the front door. We ask that if you want to socialize with your fellow students that you make arrangements to do so outside and/or after class. 

What we've done to the center: 
In the Studio...

1) Repainted the Ceiling, Walls, & Bulletin Boards. 

2) Refinished the Floors and the Benches in the Studio. 
3) Culled and Cleaned the Mats, Weights & Tubes. 
4) Cleared the doors of the Lockers to allow for surface disinfection. 
5) Marked the Floors to designate Socially Distant spacing & to designate the Live Stream zone. 
6) Purchased "Bob" ... our new floor robot that will not only gobble up any dust bunnies, but it also has a UVC light to disinfect the floors between classes. 

In the Lobby/Front Desk
1) Moved the Reservation, Attendance and Ticket Sales Online to limit exchanges at the front desk. 

2) Incorporated the Touchless Hand Sanitizing Stations in the Vestibule and Front Desk and on the stage for the instructors.

3) Removed the Cloth Chairs and replaced with colorful stools able to be sanitized and disinfected. 

4) New countertops for the frequent touch areas for proper sanitation and disinfection. 

5) Installed Exhaust Fans and Touchless/Motion Activated light switches in the bathrooms. 
6) Replaced AC filters with the highest rated filter suggested by the manufacturer. 

While we have been as thorough as we can ... it takes compliance to make this work. If you cannot comply to these best practices, we will have to ask you to leave the premises out of concern for our greater community. 

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