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Updated 3/31/23 9:00pm

The Bellami Best Practices for COVID-19 Social Fitnessing!!

Your continued good health and fitness experience has been our focus over during this coronavirus shut down and reopening.  Happy to report throughout the duration of the pandemic, Bellami has had NO cases of COVID spread traceable or attributable to the Studio! Thank you ALL for your part to keeping each other safe as it's a continual communal effort. 

We have updated the protocols to be in compliance with the state of NH Universal Best Practices and the CDC guidelines for Gyms & Fitness Studios. 

Classes are 45 & 60 minutes . Be sure to check the updated schedule for time & class duration.  

Arrival and Departure Protocol:

Please Wash or Sanitize your hands upon arrival.

Masks are an option for those who wish to continue wearing them according to our earlier protocol. 

General Notes: 

If you have ANY of the symptoms for COVID-19 or are simply feeling less than your best, we ask for your prudence and invite you to work out from home on our Live Streams.

What we've done to the center: 
In the Studio...

1) Repainted the Ceiling, Walls, & Bulletin Boards. 

2) Refinished the Floors and the Benches in the Studio. 
3) Culled and Cleaned the Mats, Weights & Tubes. 

4) Purchased additional Handweights & Balls.
4) Cleared the doors of the Lockers to allow for surface cleaning. 
5) Purchased "Bob" ... our new floor robot that will not only gobble up any dust bunnies, but it also has a UVC light to disinfect the floors twice a day. 

In the Lobby/Front Desk
1) Moved the Reservation, Attendance and Ticket Sales Online. 

2) Incorporated Hand Sanitizing Stations in the Vestibule and Front Desk and on the stage for the instructors.

3) Removed the Cloth Chairs and replaced with colorful stools able to be sanitized and disinfected. 

4) New countertops for the frequent touch areas for proper sanitation and disinfection.
5) Installed Exhaust Fans and Touchless/Motion Activated light switches in the bathrooms. 
6) Replaced AC filters with the highest rated filter suggested by the manufacturer. 

While we have been as thorough as we can ... it takes compliance to make this work. If you cannot comply to these best practices, we will have to ask you to leave the premises out of concern for our greater community.

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