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4 Tips to Get your Workout Routine Started

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Life has gotten the best of you from busy schedules to life changes - wherever your are in your fitness journey we outline an easy way to get started and tips to getting on track.

#1. Fitness & Health is a Lifestyle

First and foremost, let's understand that getting fit is not a one-and-done mentality and it doesn't happen overnight. To develop healthy, manageable habits is to change your lifestyle and you need to find the right balance for you. Don't worry, we're here to help you with that. Results don't happen overnight and it's important to give yourself grace as you begin your journey because it is an ever-evolving lifestyle.

#2. Choose your Gym or Fitness Center

Finding the right gym or fitness center is crucial to guiding you to your success. What type of environment are you looking for at a gym? Do you enjoy creating your own workout regiment or do you prefer to be in a group setting? Some fitness centers specialize in certain class formats such as high-intensity cardio and training down to studios that offer a Zen-feel with a toned-down yoga class. Finding the right atmosphere may come down to your fitness goals and where you're at in your journey. Hop online and look for local fitness centers near you, check out the reviews, the about page, meet the instructors, and glance at the class schedule page to see what might peak your interest. If you're local to the Manchester, New Hampshire community, Bellami Fitness invites you to take a tour of our fitness studio or chat with a certified instructor about your goals to see if we can help.

#3. Find the Right Workout Class or Group Class

Regardless of how specialized a fitness center is, each establishment typically offers a variety of classes available and most will cater to different schedules and styles. If you're new to working out, or getting back into getting active, you might look into small group training or fitness centers that offer group classes where instructors can teach you how to perform moves safely and cater to all skill-levels with modifications. Head to class early and chat with an instructor to help guide you to make the most out of your class.

Group workout classes can be supportive, energizing and establish a sense of community. Additionally, you may find it helps provide stability if you make friends with one or two individuals and hold each other accountable to attend classes. Bellami Fitness offers several classes centered around cardio and aerobic dance options, higher-intensity, plyometric, strength and muscle conditioning, Pilates and gentle yoga available to all students. Feel free to drop-in and take a peek at our class offerings today!

#4. Make Time to Exercise

Just like with any new endeavor, hobby or extracurricular activity, you may have to CARVE out time in your schedule. Working out is so important to your health - reducing stress, releasing endorphins, and well, getting more fit all at the same time, but our schedule doesn't always make it easy.

Find three-four days in your schedule that allows for 30-60 minutes that you can devote to yourself and exercising. Are you an early bird where you can get your day started just before work, do you have a guaranteed lunch hour at your office gig, do you have time when the kids are sleeping, spending time with your spouse, in daycare, or at school? Establishing a schedule will help you and your family get into a fit routine and keep you committed.

Once you decide on a fitness center, signing-up for a class offering package can help keep you committed, too. Investing in your body is not to be taken lightly and a financial commitment can help you to keep yourself accountable. Remember that membership and class packages are not permanent! You can upgrade, downgrade, cancel and begin at any time.

Lastly, just because you missed one day here or took a vacation there, doesn't mean you fall off the band-wagon that easily - get back on the ride and remember it's okay to take a little break sometimes. You can do it!

Get Started, Commit & Be Fit!

No matter where you're at in your journey, whether you're trying to lose weight, tone up, or looking to stay active, we're here to help you get started. If you don't know where to start, we'd be happy to help! Bellami Fitness offers several different class styles including yoga, cardio, dance, strength building, high-intensity, and Pilates in small group training and group class settings. Contact us today for more information or call us directly at 603-860-3569!

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