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Be Fit at Bellami Fitness

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Welcome to our Be Fit blog where you'll learn about who we are, what we offer and helpful tips to guide you along your fitness and health journey.

Who We Are

Bellami Fitness was founded by owner, Susanne Larkham, who holds multiple certifications in several class formats including MELT Method, SHiNE Dance Fitness, Jazzercise and is one of B'LISS's innovators. To learn more about Susanne's fitness journey, be sure to check out New Hampshire's 10 Fitness Gurus and her story of weight loss.

At Bellami Fitness, we're a group of certified, professional instructors dedicated to helping individuals at any stage of their fitness journey from establishing a new workout routine to the most experienced fitness go-getters. We make our fitness studio a comfortable environment for all levels of students and offer a diverse community. We love what we do and have a variety of differing class styles, schedules, and fitness amenities such as small group trainings and soon-to-come childcare.


Our classes range from a variety of dance and choregraphed styles to Pilates and yoga:

  • SHiNE Dance Fitness - balance of cardio, toning, strength choreographed in jazz, ballet and hip-hop.

  • Jazzercise - fuses cardio, resistance training, Pilates, yoga, kickboxing and modern dance.

  • STRONG by Zumba - combines body weight, muscle conditioning and plyometric training moves synced to music.

  • HIGH Fitness - blending old school aerobics into modern, through cardio and toning.

  • B'LISS - a low-intensity cardio choreographed class focused on restorative stretching, mindful movement, balance and flexibility.

  • POP Pilates - designed as an equipment-free class where strength meets flexibility in highly-focused movements to the beat of the music.

Learn more about our class offerings, schedule, or meet our team of instructors.

Have you been meaning to get active, get with a fitness program and get moving? We're supportive, we're fun, and we're here to help you BE FIT. Sign-up for a drop-in class today or take a tour of our fitness center located at 32 Hayward Street, Manchester, New Hampshire. Don't forget to subscribe to our blog for educational tips, nutritious ideas, new class offerings and relevant fitness news!

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